Married to Medicine —- general review


Dr. Jacqueline Walters is a board certified OBGYN and a two-time breast cancer survivor. Co-owner CASTILLO AND WALTERS OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY.

In my opinion,  Jacqueline, like to know the rules for everything and abide by them.  There is nothing wrong with that, but when she sees others not doing what they are not supposed to do, there a frown. Again, nothing wrong with that, It’s not how she says information its the deliverance along with facial expression. I believe that is what Mariah was getting again in the second episode.   I like Jaqueline, she a very good reference  of, “oh that is how” Other than that I have a lot of respect for Dr. Jacqueline !!!!!!

Kw  Kari Wells is the CFO of her husbands practice orthopedic surgeon Duncan Wells

In my opinion, after looking back at the first episode , I really don’t think she meant to mistaken Quad’s husband’s occupation (at first). I do believe that Toya instigate Kari’s behavior towards Quad. When Quad corrected her and basically embarrassed Kari, Kari felt very ashamed, so In my opinion, in Kari’s mind she didn’t want Quad at her house to embarrass her even further  in front of other guest for other rumors and talk swirl around. (which lets me know there some other skeletons in the closet). Also, Quad is the new woman in the group, and how dare Quad or any new person speak to her that way??? (hmmm) . To, “punish” Quad she uninvited her house. Now, Kari did not think that about the “keeping the peace” for business sake, because now she has the pressure of her husband and Mariah to re invite her. Kari will end up invited Quad back but,  Kari can’t let Quad know that her husband told her to. Kari has to put the face on as if it is her idea and she is in control. (Enter) Mariah didn’t let that happen

MH2   Mariah Huq is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jewel and Jem, a multicultural children’s home décor and sleepwear company. Dr. Aydin Huq emergency physician.

Now, I felt some kinda of way when Toya stated that Quad was Mariah next project. Hmmm, but could it be that Mariah took Toya under her wing when she married Her doctor husband and now is a bit shall we say feeling a bit neglected by Mariah now that Quad is in the picture???? And, what is wrong with one established woman teaching another? Nothing! I do have to give it up to Mrs. Huq. Mariah sees and hears everything and act accordingly. This woman knows how to play the chess of life and business! Don’t believe take a look at the credits at the end of the show!!! And who’s personal lives gets shows a lot and some not so much… In my opinion  Outstanding!!!!

quad2Quad Webb-Lunceford degree in biology medical sales representative Gregory Lunceford, a psychiatrist. Quad , Quad Quad, love  love! “Catch fire ” Catch Dirt” too funny.  I do have to admit that when I watched the first episode, I had my doubts. What made me like Quad and love watching her is, I dont care for  when others try to pick on someone because of well…whatever the reason, its not  right.  Miss Quad is a fighter , if she feels that someone has crossed her you are going to feel her fire. You know how your mother tell you don’t touch that pot on the stove because it’s hot? Then, you go and touch anyway because you can. Guess what the pot was hot and you know not to touch it again! In my opinion

drsimone Dr. Simone Whitmore is a board certified OBGYN owner of North Perimeter OBGYN. I havent seen too much about Simone, but it does seems she just stays clear of mess yet wants to be presence. I do like the fact that she has a career and can have fun. Simone has a good safe balance.

toyam2m      Toya Bush-Harris Eugene Harris, an emergency medicine physician masters degree in education. Toya, appears to be the kind of person that is always whispering in someone’s ear about another just to let her words grow in that person’s mind for them to do her dirty work In my opinion.  To me, she try too hard and moves to quickly . (re take classes from Mariah U. Just saying.

In any case, I like this show reason being, every single lady is educated and has done well for themselves.  It’s just the sticky situations that some of them get their selves into.  The ying-yang in life. They are cliques: Mariah & Quad : Dr. Jaqueline & Dr. Simone : Toya & Kari. In my opinion

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RealHouswives Of Atlanta Reunion (RHOA) Part 1

First, I have been watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta since its start. This season was a tad bit on the boring side, given the history of the show. To me this season was missing its zing. But, the reunion show defiantly made up for it. The Realhouse Atlatnta Reunion will be a three part reunion like have been doing in the past. So let me get started.

Porsha Stewart – While she has not been my favorite housewife of them. She did her duty on the Reunion. Every single time Miss Kenya Moore went after her Mrs. (soon to be Ms.) Porsha gave it back to her. But she did kind of remind of the first season when Cynthia Bailey was on there and then at the reunion she really spoke up. In any case, Porscha step her shade throwing in the reunion.

Kenya Moore – (sigh) While, she has been my least of them all. Her, and that fan of hers, MMMMM. It was good. When ANY body was throwing shade her was, here Miss Kenya Moore go (Snap, Snap) with her fan. It was hilarious. She tried to go in on Porsha, but however Miss Kenya Moore underestimated Porsha. So instead of rebuttal Porsha, (Snap) the fan went and her head turned away from Porsha. I did notice that when Miss Kenya gets into to a jam she was giving Nene the “help me” look. Which, by the way not there too much. Then, she turned to Phaedra Park about the fitness DVD (sigh). Miss Phaedra Parks was not having it at all! In, my opinion Kenya Moore is trying to play the victim but at the same time she wants to play the champion (sideways).

Kandi Burruss – Which, I happen to like. I have always been a fan of hers. Kandi has done real well for herself and that needs to be respected! Now, she (Kandi) needed that Bow down song! (But, that just my opinion.) In the part of the reunion she really didn’t say too much. Her and NeNe went in but just a bit.

NeNe Leakes – One of my favorites. She was just catching ALL of the shade that was being thown and it was just tickling her to bits and pieces. It was as if she had “created” this and just watching it on fold to see how the other women would react to on another. Like, it was her own private show. Just look at NeNe when shade is being thrown and you’ll see. But, then again I have always thought since season 5 that NeNe was wanted to fade out but she didn’t want to go until 1) She knew that someone could fill her shoes on the show, hence Marlo and Kenya (get it?) 2) NeNe is a hustler, she is not going to go until she has a plan B and C that can match RHOA hence “New Normal” and “Glee”.

Cynthia Bailey – She was just enjoying the show between Kenya vs. Porsha, Kenya vs. Phaedra, Kenya vs. Kenya’s Fan (ha)

Phadrea Parks – I like here because she has a fun spunk about her “The Southern Belle”. With that being said, let me tell you this is a Phaedra that I haven’t seen in any Reunion. I knew that she could get Nasty. But she kept quite. Not this time. Miss Kenya must have hit a button and I think its Apollo! We will see in Part 2 of the reunion.

In my opinion this reunion gave me everything I needed from it and its only Part 1. Cant wait for Part 2 , Kim Zolciak. I guess her and Kandi will be discussing the law suit. By the way Kandi did address a little bit of why she is doing it now instead of then. If you happen to miss it, I am sure Bravo will be running the re- runs of the reunion. Check your local listings.

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